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Book our SPECIAL Spring Yellowtail charter for $2250 5am to 5pm Mexico Permit and VISA included - All Inclusive except for tips!

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Great for 1/2 Day Local and at a huge 50', Long-Range Big Game  San Diego & Baja Fishing Trips up to six persons in comfort and room at the rail. Customize your trip whatever your fishing goals and destination Prime Time has the range and comfort.

NEWS FLASH - Yellowtail - Sunday May 17, 2015

Yellowtail continue to be caught almost daily at the Coronado Islands.The great Yellowtail fishing that started nearly a year ago has never slowed except for weather days which in San Diego is very seldom. Next month freelance trips for tuna, most likely Bluefin Tuna and if tuna aren't on the chew Yellowtail, White Sea Bass and Halibut are in season. Book now for best dates!

Sportfishing San Diego 6-pack Prime Time

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2015 Now targeting Yellowtail, Bluefin Tuna and Rockcod

San Diego -Prime Time has openings for any length trip and now has been a great window of opportunity to fish for Big Gamefish like Yellowtail & Bluefin Tuna at spots like Cortez Bank, 120 miles West of San Diego or locally for Yellowtail at the Coronado Islands where deep Yo-Yo heavy jigs or bait using heavy 6-8 ounce "Torpedo's" is working well. Cortes and Tanner Banks are both popular fall/winter sportfishing big gamefish destinations for Tuna, Yellowtail Lingcod and Rockfish when in season. The Yellowtail bite that started May 2014 and the El Nino like conditions are still here and a great time to charter Prime Time. Call Mark and tell him Rob sent you at: 619-997-9954 or for rates and our booking form here

PRIME TIME is a pristine, extremely spacious and comfortable 50' sportfishing yacht ideal for discrete groups up to six anglers, operated by a veteran professional sportfishing captain. This fine yacht is ideal for fishing the offshore waters of San Diego and Baja, Mexico.  PRIME TIME runs fishing trips from a few hours for groups short on time to multi-day long-range trips targeting big game-fish of Northern Baja, Mexico.

Half day and local kelp fishing trips target such species as Bonito, Barracuda, Calico Bass, Sand Bass, White Sea bass, Yellowtail and Halibut.Longer trips fishing multiple days offshore target big game-fish at popular spots along the pristine waters of the Baja Coast.

Summer fishing is primarily offshore, ranging from 45-80 miles, predominantly into Mexican waters. Targeted species would include Albacore Tuna and Bluefin Tuna in the early summer; Yellowfin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna and occasionally Dorado in the late summer. Large Yellowtail  are also targeted on offshore kelp paddies and spots around the Coronado Islands and can be caught year round. Late summer and fall will bring Striped Marlin into the local San Diego waters. We are also available for charter, for any fishing tournaments, even into Cabo San Lucas. We go where the fish are!

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